Robert Gross, MD, MSCE

Associate Professor of Medicine

Robert Gross, MD, MSCE, is board certified in Infectious Diseases and Epidemiology. Dr. Gross is Associate Professor of Medicine and Epidemiology in the Division of Infectious Diseases and has a position as Senior Scholar (core faculty) within the CCEB. Dr. Gross’ research has been on HIV outcomes with a focus on antiretroviral drug adherence. Dr. Gross’ projects observational studies have looked at both short- and long-term adherence behavior. His ultimate goal is the development of interventions aimed at improving treatment outcomes. He is currently PI of an NIMH R01-funded adherence intervention based on problem solving theory and using microelectronic monitors (MEMS) and pharmacy refill data to measure adherence. He is also co-chair of A5234, an international study (Brazil, Haiti, Panama, Peru, Uganda, South Africa) testing partner-based directly observed therapy in first treatment failures. His methods work is focused on the use of pharmacy refill measures of antiretroviral adherence and he has refined this approach over the last several years. Most recently, Dr. Gross has expanded his research into Botswana, particularly in the area of pharmacogenomics. He has demonstrated that polymorphisms in HIV drug metabolizing enzymes are common in Botswana. He is now poised to initiate a large cohort study in Botswana to assess the impact of slow drug metabolism on treatment outcomes and the potential interaction between slow metabolism and suboptimal adherence. Ultimately, he aims to determine whether pharmacogenetic information can be used to tailor antiretroviral therapy to the individual for better outcomes.