Joel Fein, MD, MPH

Director of Advocacy and Health Policy in Emergency Medicine

Dr. Fein is a professor of Pediatrics and Emergency Medicine at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania and the director of Advocacy and Health Policy for the Division of Emergency Medicine. He is the co-director of the CHOP Violence Prevention Initiative ( which is a multi-tiered, trauma informed approach to violence prevention that addresses bullying, intimate partner violence and peer youth violence. He is also a Co-Director of the National Network of Hospital-based Violence Intervention Programs ( 

His research focuses on violence prevention, mental health, and procedural pain management. Dr. Fein was one of the principal developers of a fully integrated, computerized behavioral health screening process for adolescents who come to the Emergency Department. He has published several review articles and original research papers on the topic of violence prevention and the evaluation of post-traumatic stress in children.

He is the director of outreach for The Center for Pediatric Traumatic Stress, an intervention development center within the National Child Traumatic Stress Network. Dr. Fein is a co-chairs the Philadelphia ACES Task Force, a coalition of regional stakeholders who introduce ACES knowledge into programs, curricula and research. At CHOP he is the medical advisor to the Government Affairs team and the director of Advocacy and Health Policy for the Emergency Department.