Carolyn Cannuscio, ScD

Associate Professor of Family Medicine and Community Health

Carolyn Cannuscio, ScD is the Director of Research for CPHI and an Assistant Professor of Family Medicine and Community Health. She is committed to improving the health of populations, especially disadvantaged urban populations, through her scholarship and public health practice. This work is strengthened by collaborations with vibrant interdisciplinary teams and dedicated community partners. Dr. Cannuscio completed her training at Brown University and the Harvard School of Public Health with leaders in social and chronic disease epidemiology. She first came to Penn as a Robert Wood Johnson Health & Society Scholar and then became a member of the faculty, where she has worked to address the critical social problems driving health disparities, with a focus on population health dynamics in Philadelphia—the poorest of the United States’ 10 largest cities. She is committed to strengthening cross-sectoral partnerships with organizations that have been largely untapped as agents for promoting population health, such as public libraries (notably the Free Library of Philadelphia) and arts institutions (including the City of Philadelphia's Mural Arts Program). Dr. Cannuscio is also involved in a range of projects to advance evidence-based practices for the prevention/management of important public health concerns (e.g., the opioid epidemic, food insecurity/(un)healthy food access, and food allergies). She is dedicated to using her skills, experience, partnerships, and position at Penn to answer the Institute of Medicine’s call to “eliminate health inequities and improve health for all.”